Internal Revenue Service information

Massachusetts Department of Revenue

Social Security site

This link is an excellent source of work and volunteer opportunities in MA for Retired Teachers.

Sign up for the AFT Retirees E-News. It is a great source of information on current retiree issues.

Before completing your taxes you might want to check out tax guide for senior citizens at . It has tax tips, deductions and programs for older citizens.

The MassachusettsTeachers' Retirement Board plans many seminars throughout the state and at this site you will find the MTRB seminar schedule.

If you have service that you wish to buy back you can request a copy of the form on line. This site does not have the capability at present of allowing you to fill in the form and send it to the Retirement Board on line at Retirement Board Forms.

The Retirement Process--use to estimate your benefits.

Questions about health insurance if your community is a member of GIC (RMT).

If your health insurance is covered by your local community click here.

Medicare Information for the retired teacher.

Questions regarding taxes in retirement.

How to read your 1099-R tax form.

When am I eligible to retire.

Regulations for working after retirement.

Information on the Cost of Living Adjustment (COLA).

If you divorce how divorce can affect your pension benefits.