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New Seminar  Fall of 2009

Living in Retirement as an Informed Retiree

Ignorance is expensive for youngsters; disastrous for older Americans. Too many people are discovering after the fact that some laws can and will be costly to them in the future. This two  hour seminar will hopefully have you look once again at your retirement, understand eligibility for Medicare, maybe learn for the first time about the Medicare B penalty and Medicare B surcharge, learn the new tax laws regarding sale of second home, prevent you from paying double state taxes on money contributed prior to 1998 to 403b or Tax Sheltered Annuity distributions, the laws regarding your working in retirement, and many other issues. “I did not know” are the famous last words of one who has just been hit with a bill they did not know was coming.  Education is still the tool to combat ignorance and we are sure this seminar will be informative for all who attend.

New Seminar Winter of 2010

How to Protect Your Nest Egg and Plan for the Right Outcome for Your Family

This is a two-hour seminar that will deal with HIPPA Authorization, should you have a will or a trust? Trusts (Irrevocable and Revocable), gifting, Medicaid Qualifying Trusts, Probate, joint tenancy, direct transfers upon death, guardianship of incapacitated adults, and more. The two-hour time frame will allow for questions.

Elder Law Attorney Mary Howie whose practice concentrates on estate planning, elder law and asset preservation will give this seminar. She a member of both the Massachusetts and New Hampshire Bar Association, National Academy of Elder Law Attorneys, New Hampshire Conflict Resolution Association and the National Association of Consumer Bankruptcy Attorneys.

Preparing for Retirement

This seminar is directed toward those who are within ten years of retirement. It is for ALL who are retiring from the public sector in MA. It is two hours in length. During those two hours the seminar focuses on:

  • Retirement Planning—the need for emotional and psychological preparation as well as financial.
  • Practical Money Suggestions
  • Protecting Your Assets-- particularly your home
  • What Factors Decide Your Pension—Creditable Service, Age, Final average Salary and Retirement Plus for those who qualify.
  • Options that are available from which you can select.
  • When You Should Apply and What You Must Send Them
  • Legal Issues
  • Tax Structures as affects your pension depending on where you live
  • Health Insurance and Medicare
  • Social Security and the Government Pension Offset/Windfall Elimination Provision Penalties.
  • Cost of Living Adjustment and Decrease in the Purchasing Poser of Your Pension

Understanding Your Social Security

This seminar is one and a half to two hours in length and goes in depth on:

  • How your Social Security is factored
  • When you are eligible to collect
  • How the penalty of the Government Pension Offset is calculated
  • How the penalty of the Windfall Elimination Provision is calculated
  • The two tiered tax on Social Security
  • Medicare
    • Medicare eligibility
    • Medicare A
    • Medicare B
    • Medicare B penalty
    • Medicare B surcharge

To Move or Not to Move Seminar

This seminar is over two hours in length and is very comprehensive.
It looks at YOU and:

  • How you will adjust to the move
  • The physical set-up of what you want
  • The pros and cons of the various forms of housing
  • Important questions for each form of housing
    • Over 55 housing and the legal and financial consequences
    • In-law apartment
    • Independent and assisted living
    • Selecting a realtor
    • Selecting a buyer’s agent
  • Protecting your home
  • Tax break on selling your home
  • Financing, and moving tips

Reverse Mortgage Seminars

This seminar is conducted by one of the Counselors from H.O.M.E a non-profit organization that educates seniors on alternatives to a Reverse Mortgage, that it is the last resort, and what you should be weary of in getting involved in this. The seminar is an hour in length with a question and answer period to follow.

Starting Your Own Business Seminar

This seminar is conducted by one of the SCORE volunteers. SCORE "Counselors to America's Small Business" is a nonprofit association dedicated to educating entrepreneurs and the formation, growth and success of small business nationwide. SCORE is a resource partner with the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA).

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